Baca in P-town

Chris Baca is in town this weekend, and last night, Kevin Fuller (Albina Press) and I went out with him, his lovely wife, Jenny, and their friends in tow. It was a blast!


Here’s Baca and Jenny — she’s a beauty! My camera malfunctions don’t do her justice. She’s a super rad woman.


Here’s Baca and Kevin. Kevin is telling Baca about the new Albina Press, set to open in about a month, maybe a bit longer, but very close!! I’m so excited to see it!


Seriously, I really do know how to use a camera. Ken (wisely) suggested I take the little igi camera rather than the uber fancy and expensive camera, given I was going to a bar and a Halloween party after. So if I’d had the really nice camera, I probably would have gotten really nice photos, and then I probably would have broken said really nice camera.


I sure do love my friend Clara (Bikes to Rwanda). She showed up at the Aalto after a wedding she went to all day yesterday. Here we are with Matt from the Albina Press and dude whose name I can’t remember.

Thanks for visiting Portland, Baca! We’re all gonna have a blast together at Coffee Fest Seattle in 2 weeks!!