Babies babies everywhere

Ken and I just found out that Ken’s cousin Tim and his wife, Elisa, just had a baby boy yesterday. So that makes us… what? Cousin uncle and aunt? What is the kid, Tanner they named him, to us? Our cousin-phew? We’re confused. Also, Ken is miffed that they didn’t consult him on the name of the baby — his idea was Robot, Rob for short. See, there’s a reason Ken and I have pets, not human babies.


Just kidding! That’s not our dog. But pretty friggin cool costumes, huh? Anyway. I feel like there is a slew of babies around. A mess of babies. What is the plural? A flock? A gaggle? Gaggle sounds good. We’ll miss our dear friend, Mountain Regional Barista Champion Jon Lewis because he is staying home from the USBC in Minneapolis (holy cow — that’s next week!) to be with his wife, the Amazing Kendall, as she gives birth to their second child. If their first, Aya, is any indication, this latest Lewis will be a pretty freakin rad kid. Ken would like to remind Jon and Kendall that if it’s a girl, the name Whirly-Pop (the name of Ken’s beloved popcorn maker) is widely under-used.


Our pal Jen Boelts, of Batdorf & Bronson, and her husband, Brant, are expecting their first baby, too. They are so excited! To use his famous baby naming powers (“I don’t know, it’s just a gift I have,” he shrugs), Ken mus know the parents of the baby. He suggests for Jen and Brant the name Oyster, so you could call his “Oy!” for short. Ken-isms aside, Jen and Brant already have the name of their soon-to-arrive baby boy in mind: Vance! Congrats to Jen and Brant, whose boy is due in June.


Finally, the most out-of-left-field news: Kyle Larson of Stumptown and his girlfriend, Rhiana Harr, are expecting a baby boy. In typical Kyle fashion, he’s taking it to heart 100 percent. Kyle is totally excited as well as incredibly serious about being a dad. The baby is due in August. Ken suggests the name Mudpuddle.


(that’s Kyle holding my bouquet for me while Ken and I take photos at our wedding last fall, which Kyle officiated.)

I guess it just reminds me of how, as a community that borders very closely on being family, we are and will continue to be around for each other’s triumphs and celebrations, as well as the tougher times. It is an honor to know and love people — you guys — as we continue to grow up and live our lives. And Ken is available if anyone needs baby name suggestions.


  1. thanks for the comment, em! my mom tells me that the baby is ken’s first cousin once removed, and it is nothing to me (that sounds harsh, but since i’m not blood, that’s the way it is). all very confusing!
    give oscar a hug from us here at barista magazine!

  2. Methinks the child of your cousin is your second cousin… but that’s 100% a guess 🙂

    Congrats to all – babies are rad (and definately a mess!)


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