It's Hoffmannia!!!

James Hoffmann, the barista champion of the United Kingdom, claimed the World Barista Championship in Tokyo today!

Congratulations, James!

James edged out American barista champion Heather Perry for the title, while New Zealand’s Carl Sara placed third.

Fourth went to the home country competitor, Miyuki Miyamae, of Japan.

Swiss competitor, finished in fifth place, and the first-ever finalist from a major coffee producing county, Silvia Magalhaes, earned sixth-place honors.

It was an amazing competition, and photos and a more detailed report will follow. Right now, we’re off to the barista party hosted by La Marzocco, so it may be a while before I get back to blogging.

Once again zacharyzachary provided terrific coverage of the day’s events, and all of the baristas, volunteers, judges, and Michell Campbell did a wicked great job at pulling off one of the most memorable world barista compeitions ever.