And the Winner Is…

First of all, congratulations to all of the 59 competitors at this year’s United States Barista Championship. It sounds like a cliché, and it is, but it really was the best one ever. The baristas who were on-stage at this year’s event were outstanding, and the volunteers off-stage were amazing. Making it through all of these competitors over the course of four days without falling woefully   behind schedule, and in fact, often being ahead of schedule only demonstrates how spot on the work from everyone from the judges, to the competitors, to the volunteers was. And of course no shout out would be complete without a special notice of the always fabulous Michelle Campbell. Great job all around!

Moving on, to today’s six finalists. What can one say other than the level of competition was tough and professional, and without tasting anything, from the audience perspective, it’s impossible to tell who will win. Everyone looked flawless in their presentation. Exceptional in their skill, and knowledgeable about their coffee.

Great job all.


Heather Perry, far left, finished in third place. Pete Licata, second from left, took second place. Nick Griffith, third from left, scored fifth place. Drew Cattlin, far right, was sixth place. Chris Baca, second from right, claimed fourth place.

And the United States Barista Champion for 2008, from Intelligentsia Coffee in Los Angeles, California… Kyle Glanville!



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