Watch This Lecture About Acidity in Coffee with Joseph A. Rivera

Learn more about acidity in coffee with Joseph A. Rivera and the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation.


Photos courtesy of the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation

For as complex and interesting as coffee is, we still understand very little about it on a scientific level. On June 9, Joseph A. Rivera, director of research and development for Coffee Chemistry, will be giving a lecture on the complexity of coffee compounds in conjunction with Nuova Simonelli. The lecture will be livestreamed so coffee professionals all over the world can watch and participate.

Joseph will be joined by Professor Sauro Vittori of Camerino University of Food Quality and Safety Lab, and the topic of discussion will be the role of acidity in coffee. “With an estimated 1,000 compounds currently identified, coffee is by far one of the most complicated food matrixes in existence,” a press release states. “In this brief lecture coffee series, Joseph Rivera and Sauro Vittori will explore the role of organic acids in coffee as well as its sensorial impact on overall coffee quality.”

Joseph Rivera will discuss acidity in coffee with Sauro Vittori of the Camerino University of Food Quality and Safety Lab.

Joseph Rivera is no stranger to the intersection of coffee and science. He is the co-creator of, and has worked for SCA and the Coffee Quality Institute. He is also the co-founder of the Q-certification program, which has certified over 5,000 coffee tasters all over the world.

This event is organized by the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation, which was established in partnership with Nuova Simonelli and Camerino University with the goal to “provide scientific an technological support to development in the coffee chain.” Sara Gagliesi of Nuova Simonelli shares, “The structure was established last summer in a collaboration between Simonelli Group and the University of Camerino and provides scientific and technological support to the development of knowledge in the coffee chain, increasing the strength of innovation for this important drink appreciated all over the world.”

This event is the second in a planned series exploring the scientific aspects of coffee and flavor. The group, which is based in Italy, has a mission to “apply scientific practices to the coffee process, from bean to cup, with the end goal of improving all end users’ coffee,” according to the organization’s website.

You can tune into the live stream of the lecture by clicking here. The lecture will stream at 10 a.m. EDT.

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