A weekend in pictures…

(I.e., Sarah will save her stories about Coffee Fest Washington D.C. for the April/May issue of Barista Mag)


Thank mercy for Clover in the morning…


Nick and Heather co-MCing? Michelle looks nervous…


Nick and his murkies did a bang-up job with the Mid-Atlantic Regional Barista Competition, securing some of the coolest trophies in the history of FOREVER, an orgy of ipods, great competitors, lots of hard-working volunteers, boss parties, and more.


Trish finds Marcus’ tie irresistible… but don’t we all?


MARBC finalists waiting for the announcement of the top three. Or maybe they’re hating on the trade show lighting…


Yes, YOU, Belle Battista! You’re the champion! Nick Cho, 2007 MARBC champion, congratulations Aldo Coffee‘s Belle on her win of the 2008 MARBC. Belle will take the semifinal round stage in Minneapolis this May to take a shot at the United States Barista Championship title.


Hot damn that’s a big trophy.


Ben would like you to look at his Millrock Latte Art Championship bracelet. Looook at it. LOOOOOK. Are you dazzled? I am. But not as much by the glittery barista bling as by Ben’s bitchen latte art skills. In this photo, he’s kickin it
champion style with his buddy M’lissa.


What is this, NASCAR? No, folks, it’s just the Barista Magazine booth. Though the throng of people visiting sure makes it look like a major
gas-guzzling sporting event, huh?

Thanks to everyone in DC for a great weekend!! We had a blast, and cannot wait to return for the next Coffee Fest DC in 2010 when President Obama will be rockin the White House!