A closeup of a charcoal that is lit. It is dark in the photo.
Food and Drink

Know Your Ingredients: Charcoal

Visually striking, charcoal is one of the latest trends in the coffee world—but is it safe to consume? BY EMILY JOY MENESESSPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Cover photo sourced from Unsplash In recent years, the […]

The VSSL hand grinder sits split apart on a picnic table outdoors. To the right is the already ground coffee in the chamber. In the middle is the grinding portion of the grinder and to the left is the handle.
Coffee Gear and Equipment

Test Drive: The VSSL Java Hand Grinder

One Canadian outdoors company makes a coffee hand grinder that will stand up to almost anything. BY JOSH TAVESSPECIAL TO BARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Photos courtesy of Josh Taves The coffee industry continues to expand its […]

A set of pandan desserts sit on trays with a white sheet as a background. They are cups holding an array of tan, white, and green gelatins.
Food and Drink

Know Your Ingredients: Pandan

We take a look at the uses of this aromatic Southeast Asian plant and its presence in desserts and beverages. BY KATRINA YENTCHBARISTA MAGAZINE ONLINE Cover photo by An Nguyen sourced from Unsplash From the […]