WBC Melbourne 2013

WBC Finalist #3: Francesco Sanapo of Italy

Ohhhhh, Francesco. Francesco is one of the people who makes this industry great. He’s been at this for a long time ”15 years! ”and he’s been the Barista Champion of Italy three times. But not […]

World Barista Championship

WBC Semifinal Round

It’s been an exciting day here in Melbourne at the World Barista Championship. The 12 semifinalists have each taken the stage (as I write this, the final competitor of the day ”William, Barista Champ of […]

Barista Magazine's Humpday Giveaway

Humpday Giveaway Winner! (May 22nd Edition)

Well you’ve done it again! We asked, you answered, and three, yes THREE, of you won! Obviously you’re pumped about the World Barista Championship that starts tomorrow in Melbourne (scratch that, make it starts TODAY!). […]

WBC Melbourne 2013

WBC 2013: Let’s Get This Party Started!

Here we are at day one of the World Barista Championship and the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE)! It’s a gorgeous fall day outside ”but who would want to be outside when there’s all this […]

WBC Melbourne 2013

WBC Barista Meet & Greet Hosted by Proud Mary

I have to say, usually the Barista Meet & Greet parties that traditionally take place the day before the start of the World Barista Championship are a little, well, boring. The baristas are nervous about […]