Humpday Giveaway Winner! (May 22nd Edition)

Well you’ve done it again! We asked, you answered, and three, yes THREE, of you won!

Obviously you’re pumped about the World Barista Championship that starts tomorrow in Melbourne (scratch that, make it starts TODAY!). In Melbourne time it’s already started. Don’t forget you can watch the WBC and World Brewers Cup streaming live here, and you can follow all of Barista Magazine‘s ongoing coverage on our blog with this link, and also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Ok, moving on, you want to know if you’ve won. We’ll get there.

This week's winners of Humpday Giveaway get a whole year of BMag!
This week’s winners of Humpday Giveaway get a whole year of BMag!

The prize this week, a one-year subscription to a little ol’ periodical covering the people working in coffee the world over that we like to call Barista Magazine! Not satisfied to have only one winner this week, we’ve got three!

Of course, that’s one less than the winning country in this week’s answer.

We asked: Which country has produced the most WBC Champions, who are they and what years did they win?

And the answer: DENMARK, of course, with FOUR World Barista Champions! They’re Martin Hildebrandt  2001; Fritz Storm, 2002; Troels Overdal Poulsen, 2005; and Klaus Thomsen, 2006!

And the three winners of a one-year subscription (or renewal, or addition, or a gift subscription) are:

Mikhail Sebastian

Rachel Bebee

Darren Pedler

Thanks again to everyone who played this week, and if you didn’t win, as we always say, Wednesday’s only a day away!

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