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Peet’s Buys Diedrich

Some interesting news out in the last couple of days that Peet’s, the coffee roaster and retailer out of Emeryville, Calif., has bought Irvine, Calif.-based, Diedrich Coffee. Here’s the story from the L.A. Times. The […]

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Hurricane Hits Nicaragua

Hurricane Ida barreled into eastern Nicaragua today just north of Bluefields. The storm’s trajectory is expected to carry it north through Honduras before possibly returning to the sea where it may regain strength before heading […]

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Ethiopia in flux

Here’s an interesting five-minute video from World Focus, a public television news show, about the status of coffee growing in coffee’s birthplace Bonga, Ethiopia. As we’ve seen in coffee growing regions around the world, when […]

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Regional Barista Competitions

Congratulations, Mike Marquard, MWRBC Champ!

Mike Marquard of Kaldi’s Coffee in St. Louis is the new Midwest Regional Barista Champion ”cheers to you, Mike! You will no doubt remember Mike for breaking into the finals at arguably the toughest United […]