2007 WBC Finalists


Wow! One way or another, the barista world will not be the same after tomorrow.

This year’s finalists are Heather Perry from the United States, James Hoffmann of the United Kingdom, Silvia Magalhaes from Brazil, New Zealand’s Carl Sara, Anna Kaepelli from Switzerland, and Miyuki Miyamae from Japan.

Four of the six finalists are women, and none of the finalists hail from the Nordic countries, a sign, I think that the trailblazing standards of quality, excellence and professionalism in the Nordic countries’ barista culure has firmly and irrevocably spread around the world.

Additionally, the inclusion of a barista from a producing country is just flat-out cool.

This WBC has been a record breaker in so many ways already, I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s going to continue right on through tomorrow because no matter what happens a country that has never been able to claim the WBC crown before will be walking out of here as the World Barista Champion.

WBC Tokyo, does it get any better than this?