World of Coffee Moves from Warsaw to Milan

The 2022 World of Coffee trade show will take place in Milan, Italy, with all ticket proceeds benefiting the Ukrainian coffee community.


In light of recent current events, the 2022 World of Coffee trade show has moved locations from Warsaw, Poland to Milan, Italy. Warsaw has become a haven for thousands of Ukrainians seeking refuge from the Russian invasion; as a result, the original venue where the trade show was scheduled to take place, the PTAK Expo, has become a safe shelter for these victims. In an announcement by the Specialty Coffee Association on March 24, CEO Yannis Apostolopoulos explained, “With the decision to move World of Coffee to Milan, we hope to avoid placing an additional burden on Warsaw’s community while supporting groups like the SCA Poland and Czech Republic chapters which have been providing aid to those fleeing the war.“

World of Coffee is a major European event by the Specialty Coffee Association, playing host to coffee professionals who travel worldwide to participate in exhibitions and lectures, along with World Coffee Championships events. The decision to move the event to Milan comes following a previous announcement from the SCA earlier this month, in which the organization declared that it would donate 100% of all ticket sales for World of Coffee toward Ukrainian coffee professionals. They also suspended Russia’s participation in the World Coffee Championships.

Moving the trade show and competition to Milan, Italy, is a testament to the success of the most recent World Barista, Brewers Cup, and Cup Tasters championships, which were held at HOST Milano in October 2021. “While the circumstances are regrettable, we look forward to bringing World of Coffee back to Italy, the birthplace of the espresso,“ the announcement read. “This will be the first time World of Coffee travels to Milan, and we are excited to partner with the Milano Convention Center, a modern venue in the heart of the city.“

The Milano Convention Center will be the new site and host of the 2022 Latte Art, Coffee In Good Spirits, Cup Tasters, Cezve/Ibrik, and Roasting Championships. This does not affect the status of any competitors, and affiliated parties should expect to receive further communication by the SCA via email.

Upcoming attendees and exhibitors to World of Coffee can also expect automatic credits to be applied toward the new location, with details addressed via email.

Anyone who has yet to receive any email communications regarding competition or attendance can contact the SCA directly. Competitors can get in touch here, and attendees/exhibitors can reach out here.

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