Roasting Winner!


The first ever Nordic Roaster of the Year competition has a winner! Solberg & Hansen took top honors for their coffee — a blend of Kenyan (90 percent) and Salvadoran (10 percent) — in a blind judging event this morning at the NBC. Some 150 attendees tasted 10 coffees from 10 different roasters, voted on the favorite and submitted their ballot. Coffees were prepared both drip filter style and as espresso. Denmark’s Kontra Coffee won the distinction of best filter drip coffee, while S&H won for best espresso, and then took the overall prize.

Entrants included: ¢ Paulig (Finland)
¢ Kontra Coffee (Denmark)
¢ Copenhagen Roaster (Denmark) ¢ Tim Wendelboe (Norway)

¢ Solberg & Hansen (Norway)

¢ Johan & Nystrom (Sweden)

¢ da Matteo Torrefazione (Sweden)

¢ Bergstrands (Kafferosteri) (Sweden)

¢ Kaffitar (Iceland)

¢ Lofbergs (Sweden)

In addition, teams were judged on their ability to work well together as they prepared the hundreds of cups of coffee and espresso. And Team Iceland was victorious!