Who's this dude?

If you haven’t ever met him, let me introduce you to Mike White.


Mike ”of Gimme! Coffee in New York, is the cover boy in the new issue of Barista Magazine, our October/November pub. I’m still catching up on stuff since getting back from a long trip in Colombia. But better late than never ”I wanted to encourage you to check out the new issue, complete with an article on the down-n-dirty re the awesome Mike White, carried by some killer photos by Ms. Liz Clayton.

More in this issue:

¢ A conversation between James Hoffmann and Josh Dick of Urnex on cleaning products. Science nerds, this one’s for you.

¢ A compilation of quotes from some of the best roasters we know about why their interactions with baristas are critical to their success.

¢ Miss Heather Perry’s tale of training the barista champion of Honduras, Ana Lucia, for the WBC.

¢ A great piece by Ken on alternative energy for your coffee company.

¢ The second-to-last installment of the Coffee Collective’s column, Notes from the Collective, in which they speak (and have spoken for almost a year) on the challenges and successes of starting a coffee roasting company.

¢ Field Report from Bjorg Brend on the Nordic Roaster event in Oslo.

¢ Field Report from Brent Fortune about the much-talked-about Slow Food Nation event in San Francisco.

¢ Field Report from yours truly about the Mexican Barista Championship

And much more! Check it out here: http://baristamagazine.epubxpress.com/bam1

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