What’s Up, Ottawa?

Just got this nice email from Laura Perry, a Barista Magazine reader and barista/coffee fanatic, who wanted to tell me about a fun event that she and friends from other coffeehouses had recently. Great photos, too!

Hey guys!
Wanted to write in and let you guys know what’s been happening in Ottawa, On, Canada. Bridgehead had its first annual Barista games at the beginning of May. We had about 200 people come out to party and participate in the Tandemonium challenge, and the Bridgehead Golden Tongue & Olfactory Epithelium Grand Slurp-Off.

The Tandemonium challenge had a team of three baristas – one on shots, one on milk and one bar back/ runner. The goal? Serve a set of 4 drinks to a group of sensory judges while being timed and judged technically as well. It was a fabulous turn out as each of our 11 coffeehouses entered in a team “ and they competed in costume of course.

The Bridgehead Golden Tongue & Olfactory Epithelium Grand Slurp-Off, also called triangulation went down this evening as well, with competitors picking the odd coffee out in the fastest time possible. All set to epic music.

It was a fun night, celebrating our craft and each other. Next time we have one of these things, you should come on out! It’s a little far, but Ottawa is a rad place to be!



Dialing in
Golden Team
Hanna triangulating
Hawaii beachwood
Richmond Epic Start
Slurp off!

Thank you, Laura! This event looks like it was bitchen fun! Wish we could have been there, but we appreciate you sending information and photos about it! Stay in touch!



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