What’s up, 2012?

Hey hi ho! Welcome to 2012, which we at Barista Magazine can promise is going to be chock full of awesomeness of the coffee variety! One of the big reasons I’m confident in saying that is that I’ve been in a zillion conversations already about how we can make sure that the big Specialty Coffee Association of America show ”which will be held right here in Portlandia, Oregon, USA, April 19-22 ”the most fun time possible for all our far-flung friends who will be converging on this great city.

Barista Magazine is set to co-host not one but TWO of what will surely be the best parties of the whole conference. Stay tuned for details about that one.

I sure miss that show, 'Party Down...' We will channel its awesome-nity during the SCAA for sure.

Also, I’m super stoked about a class that I will be teaching along with the amazing Liam Kenna, who manages the Stumptown Annex. The class ””Creating Sales in Front of the Bar” ”will go like this: “For so many cafes, the sale begins and ends at the register, but there is much more opportunity for sales on the other side of the bar. Learn how you can create sales by getting your barista out from behind the bar and engaging the customer through in-store cuppings, home brewing demos, bean sales, and more.” (SCAA description)

This is Liam:

That's Liam on the right, when he was playing in the legendary Portland band, the Snuggle Ups.

So you know you’re gonna have a good time with us.

Anyway, since the SCAA show in Portland is still a few months away, how’s about this for something to get excited about:


I’ve talked on and on and on about how awesome I think Barista Nation is. So see for yourself and sign up for the event held in San Francisco on January 14!

I hope to see you there! For more information or to register, email Anastasia Chovan at baristanation@gmail.com.


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