Welcome to the October + November 2018 Issue of Barista Magazine

Welcome to the October + November 2018 issue of Barista Magazine, featuring articles on Boston specialty-coffee pioneers Diesel, exploring cooperatives from the ground up, seasonal specialty drinks, the latest POS systems, celebrating the life of Erna Knutsen, and much more!


October + November 2018 Issue
Welcome to the October + November 2018 issue of Barista Magazine!

Its the start of October, which means its time for another issue of Barista Magazine! Were excited to launch the new issue, which features our traditional mix of in-depth features, field reports from around the globe, business articles, and heaps more. You can order a hard copy through our online store here. (Better yet, start a subscription and never miss an issue!) Or you can read it for free online on our website or take it with you with our free app.

October + November 2018 issue
Its the kind of place where everybody knows your name. Its Diesel Café, celebrating 20 years of service this year!

This year marks two decades of service for Diesel Café in Boston. Writer Erin Meister takes a look behind the scenes of how and why this forward-thinking café has made such an impact on Beantowns coffee scene, and which strategies of Tucker Lewis and Jennifer Park, the duo behind the company, have employed to create such a long-lived success.


In “Co-Ops From the Ground Up,” RJ Joseph gives an overview of what co-op cafés are, how they work, the benefits and drawbacks of the organizational format, and talks to people about their experiences working and running co-ops where the employees are the owners.

“In Season, Your Café’s Specialty Drinks” by BMags editor, Sarah Allen, helps bring some creativity, inspiration, and new seasonal flavors to your menu. A rotating menu of specialty drinks can increase sales, build customer relationships, and most importantly create some really, really tasty drinks!

Andy Freivogel of Science Retail spends his time figuring out the best technologies and systems for successful cafés. First and foremost among them is making sure you get paid. In this article, Andy checks out the latest and greatest point-of-sale systems and lets you know which work best for different shops and environments.

Youve got questions. Theyve got answers. Its a match made in heaven! Yes, our popular equipment-care column by the guys at Black Rabbit Service Co., Alex Lambert and Jason “Double J” Johnson, is back in the October + November 2018 issue. If youre wondering whats going on with your equipment, these are the fellas to help you figure it out.

We take a different tack for our regular “Master Q + A” feature this issue to instead offer a special “Master in Memoriam” for a true specialty-coffee pioneer (she even invented the term!), Erna Knutsen. Ashley Rodriguez collects recollections, memories, and thoughts about Erna from some of her contemporaries and other notable people in specialty coffee.

The October + November 2018 Issue of Barista Magazine also features Field Reports from Toronto and Mexico City. And, of course, we have our regular news and events sections, Pull, the Takeaway, and Foam, and all the new gear and goods in Stuff.

Once more, lets go through your options on how to read the new issue. You can get your hard copy from our store here. (Of course you can get a subscription while youre at it, and be set for a year or two!)

Or you can download the whole issue with our free app here, or read it on your computer with our e-pub right here. Guess what? Thats free, too!

We hope you enjoy the October + November 2018 issue of Barista Magazine!

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