Welcome to the August + September 2022 Issue of Barista Magazine

A cover feature with Nebraska’s Jasmin McGinnis, improving online marketplaces, building seasonal drinks, how to find a roaster, and much more all in the new issue!


Welcome to our new issue for August + September 2022! The issue is out now: Read it online or order a subscription or single copy today at our online store!

We’re excited to release the latest edition of Barista Magazine, which as always includes a mix of articles and content to keep coffee professionals informed and inspired. To that end, we’ve worked with contributors from around the world to bring you stories that cover topics like building a great seasonal drink menu, discovering how the World Barista Championship ended up in Bogotá in 2011, and how Jasmin McGinnis built a one-of-a-kind coffee company on the Nebraska prairie. We hope you find the people, places, and things covered in the August + September 2022 issue as compelling and educational as we do.

Here are some of the highlights from the issue:

Cover Feature: Jasmin McGinnis

Jasmin McGinnis feature spread in the August + September 2022 issue of Barista Magazine.

Kearney, Nebraska, may not be a locale that springs to mind for many when the topic is specialty coffee, but those who know Barista’s Daily Grind and owner Jasmin McGinnis can agree that because of this company, Kearney is very much on the map for exceptional coffee. Jasmin has accomplished what so many baristas aspire to do: Not only does she own the company, but it’s where she cut her teeth as a barista. Imagine buying the company you love working at. Well, Jasmin tells us about the highs and lows of café ownership and explains how it’s not all glamorous, but it sure is worth it.

’Add to Cart: Getting the Most Out of Your Online Marketplace’

Add to Cart article spread in the August + September 2022 issue of Barista Magazine.

Over the last two-plus-years as the world has adjusted to living through a pandemic, online sales have never been more important for a success retail coffee business. But how do you know your online setup is the best for your unique business? Written by coffee tech guru Luisa Castellanos, “Add to Cart: Getting the Most Out of Your Online Marketplace“ offers tip, tricks, and strategies for making sure your café will not only stand out from the crowd, but will be financially successful to boot.

’Whimsical Seasonal Drinks’

Whimsical Seasonal Drinks spread from the August + September 2022 issue of Barista Magazine.

When you consider the intersection of the fall season and coffee drinks, you can’t help the pumpkin spice latte that pops into your head. Similarly, winter means peppermint mochas and eggnog lattes, right? The short answer is yes—but there can be more. As you begin to prepare your cafés for fall and winter seasonal drinks, we hope you’ll check out this article by Josh Rank that advises to absolutely include some old favorites, but to also consider new, unique seasonal offerings based on local flavors and national trends. And he tells you how to make them happen.

’Swipe Right: Which Roaster Relationship Is Right for You?’

Swipe Right spread from the August + September 2022 issue of Barista Magazine.

You bet we had fun putting together the design for this one: Of course, deciding which relationship you want to have with your café’s roasted coffee program can be almost as complicated as today’s modern dating life. Do you roast your own? Carry coffees from multiple roasters? Or do you stick with one exclusive wholesale coffee roaster? Each has its benefits and drawbacks, and we break it down for you with this article so you can determine which truly is the best for your business.

And that’s just a handful of the many interesting, useful, and—we hope—entertaining articles we’ve included for you in the August + September 2022 issue of Barista Magazine. Check it out for yourself to see the “Field Reports,“ the “One on One“ conversations, the “Takeaway,“ new products, and much, much more.

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