WBC Day Two Continued

The competition continues to roll on, and we’re now down to the final three competitors of the afternoon.

Then the 12 semifinalists will be announced later this afternoon. I can honestly say
Y that after watching almost all of the competitors more than 12 deserve to move on, but that’s the nature of the competition. I don’t have a clue who we’ll be watching tomorrow, but I know it’s going to be epic.

Highlights of the afternoon include the American champion, Pete Licata, and his amazing coffee journey presented through coffees that he not only sourced himself, but actually harvested and roasted too.

The UK’s John Gordon created a fantastic signature drink that I was lucky enough to sample, featuring lime, grape juice, espresso and hops.

And Peru’s first national champion made her appearance at the WBC. The amazing thing is that in October, Karen Pisconte participated in the World Barista Forum in Lamas, Peru, sponsored by Sustainable Harvest. And it was really her first experience with espresso. It obviously paid off, as she had a very smooth and engaging performance. (oh and by the way, I just saw David and Helga from Sustainable Harvest and they have a newly released video of the Seed to Cup Barista Challenge. Watch this space for more information to come.)

Now onto the pics:











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