Urnex Keeps You Clean ”See for Yourself with a Free Sample!

Here at Barista Magazine‘s world headquarters, we enjoy great coffee every day ”just like you do in your shops. But last week, Ken said his cup was tasting funky. We couldn’t figure it out at first ”the coffee, roasted by an awesome specialty outfit out of Olympia, Wash., was fresh but not too fresh. The beans had come from a farm in Costa Rica that I had personally visited and been awestruck by. The water was filtered, and the French press was clean. Duh! It was our grinder! Since you can’t see the burrs, you can’t see the oils that collect on them from running coffee through again and again. But make no mistake, they’re there, lying in wait to tarnish your coffee.

You can't always tell how dirty your grinder is... until you taste the coffee coming out of it. What to do? Urnex Grindz to the rescue!

So we pulled out some Urnex Grindz tablets and ran them through our burr grinder. Then we ran some coffee through to get all the residue out (even though it wouldn’t have hurt us if some residue was left over ”Grindz is foodsafe stuff). Then I ground coffee for the French press. The whole process took less than 10 minutes ”and the Publisher was happy with the results. Whew!

Want to try it yourself? Then email the good folks at Urnex for a free sample ”they’d be happy to set you up. Send your name, address and mention of Barista Magazine to sample@urnex.com.

But wait, there’s even more going on at Urnex! As we know, independent cafe owners are often as serious about environmental friendliness as they are about coffee, which is why Urnex has teamed up with the Green Cafe Network to spread the word about Urnex’s Full Circle Brand products ”via bike!

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That’s right: Urnex is going to sunny San Francisco in the form of local barista, Caleb Feldman, to visit all the San Francisco area cafes in the Green Cafe Network to give away samples of Full Circle products, which is the first coffee equipment wash to use renewable, sustainable and naturally occurring ingredients. Full Circle products are 100% recyclable, and the label ”which is printed digitally to reduce carbon emissions ”includes full ingredient disclosure. They’re designed for commercial espresso machines and coffee brewers.

There are a bunch of products in the Full Circle Brand line... check them out at www.urnex.com/fullcircle.html

So Caleb will be biking to each cafe in the San Francisco network to pass out samples of Full Circle products. He’s taking a camera with him, and we plan to publish the story of his journey for the cause of environmentally responsible cleaning options, and the greening of the coffee industry, one cafe at a time, in the April/May issue of Barista Magazine ”so be on the lookout!

And if you want to see it unfolding in real time, check out the webpage Urnex has set up to promote the event HERE.

Not in San Francisco, but interested in trying the Full Circle products in your cafe? Ask for a sample, why don’t you! Just email sample@urnex.com with your name, address and mention of Barista Magazine. Done and done.

Coffee people can be a dirty bunch, so cheers to Urnex for helping us stay clean, and helping us make espresso and coffee at they’re fullest potential!

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