U.S. Barista Championship Semifinals!

The U.S. Barista Championship semifinal round will take place on Saturday, April 26, from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the USCC Arena.

NOTE: The first and second place finishers at each of the 6 regional barista competitions that took place this past year automatically qualify for the semifinal round. Six additional competitors from today’s preliminary round made it on to the semifinal round. Their names are marked with *.

COMPETITORS (in order of appearance)
Hadassah Wilson*,  Square One Coffee,  Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Josh Wismans,  Colectivo Coffee,  Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Eden-Marie Abramowicz,  Intelligentsia Coffee, Los Angeles, California
Sam Schroeder*,  Olympia Coffee Roasting Co., Olympia, Washington
Tyler Rovenstine,  Oddly Correct Coffee,  Kansas City, Missouri
Charles Babinski,  G & B, Los Angeles, California
Andrew Grassmick*,  Madcap Coffee  Co.,  Grand Rapids, Michigan
J. Park Brannen,  Counter Culture Coffee, New York, New York
Jesse Raub,  Intelligentsia Coffee, Chicago, Illinois
Sam Brown*,  Stone Creek Coffee,  Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Camila Ramos,  Panther Coffee, Miami, Florida
Erika Vonie,  Ultimo Coffee, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nora Brady*,  Blueprint Coffee,  St. Louis, Missouri
Laila Ghambari,  Cherry Street Coffee House, Seattle, Washington
Brenna Kail,  Intelligentsia Coffee, Chicago, Illinois
Trevor Corlett,  Madcap Coffee Co.,  Washington, DC
Cole McBride,  Velton’s, Seattle, Washington
David Fasman,  Kaldi’s Coffee,  St. Louis, Missouri


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