Travel Virtually to Latin America with Food 4 Farmers

By donating to Food 4 Farmers, you can download beautiful images from origin countries for your next Zoom meeting.


Photos courtesy of Food 4 Farmers

The effect of COVID-19 on coffee-producing communities has been a scary thought on our minds for some time now. As many continue to suffer through unemployment, work from home, reduced hours, and business shutdowns, the supply chain is yet another pressing factor to consider during all of this. For those of us who work in coffee and don’t have direct connections to people in coffee-producing countries, Food 4 Farmers has established a virtual and financial way to help them.

Food 4 Farmers shows you how to incorporate their backgrounds into your next Zoom meeting.

Food 4 Farmers is a nonprofit committed to diversifying the income of coffee farmers through long-term sustainable projects like local farmers markets, beekeeping, and other initiatives. If you had a trip to origin canceled this year, or if you aspire to visit and help out eventually, the team has recently developed a lighthearted way to get there. Food 4 Farmers invites users of the Zoom American conferencing platform to make a donation to the organization to help them continue these income projects. If you’re using Zoom to connect to coworkers and friends, hold meetings, and host virtual events, you also have the opportunity to download gorgeous backgrounds of coffee warehouses and mountainous regions of Latin America.

One of the eight backgrounds you can choose from includes one of apiaries (beehives of honeybees) in Chiapas, Mexico.

“While the coronavirus has yet to seriously affect them, our partners tell us that they see massive disruptions on the horizon,” says Kyle Freund, marketing and communications manager at Food 4 Farmers. “We’re looking for help to make sure we can continue to be there for them.” At the present moment, the borders of Guatemala have been closed, while Colombia has declared an economic and social state of emergency. As it becomes harder for these communities to put food on the table, Food 4 Farmers’ mission to diversify their income is more important than ever.

You can check out the campaign here, where you can donate to the cause and/or download some origin backgrounds for Zoom while you’re at it.

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