The Final Round Pours from the 2013 World Latte Art Championship

Sam's final round pours.

I met the amazing Luzia Taschler of Germany when we were at DC Campus ”Dalla Corte espresso machines’ annual training event for latte art and coffee in good spirits champions ”in Milan in May, and we became fast friends. Luzia won third place honors in the 2012 World Latte Art Championship in Korea, and she was at DC Campus to help this year’s competitors prepare for the 2013 competition in Nice, France.

Luzia graced the opening page of my article about the DC Campus event in the June+July issue of Barista Magazine.
Luzia graced the opening page of my article about the DC Campus event in the June+July issue of Barista Magazine.

Luzia just posted photos of the latte art pours from the final six baristas in the 2013 World Latte Art Championship in Nice, and I am thrilled to share them with you here. Thank you, Luzia!

A note about these photos: Luzia took these photos after they had been judged, so they are not as perfect as they were when served to the judges. The milk has sat for a bit, and also, the judges have slightly disrupted the designs in order to judge the consistency and depth of foam. They’re nevertheless incredible and gorgeous pours, but be aware that they are not as remarkable as they were when first presented.

6th place: Sam Low, Atomic Coffee Roasters, NEW ZEALAND

Sam's final round pours.
Sam’s final round pours.

5th place: Esther Maasdam, Ristretto, THE NETHERLANDS

Esther's final round pours.
Esther’s final round pours.

4th place: Leszek Jedraskik, Black & White Coffee, POLAND

Leszek's final round pours.
Leszek’s final round pours.

3rd place: Miguel Lamora, Talkhouse Coffee, SPAIN

Miguel's final round pours.
Miguel’s final round pours.

2nd place: KyeongWoo Jung, Corea Coffee Belt, SOUTH KOREA

KyeongWoo's final round pours.
KyeongWoo’s final round pours.

WINNER: Hisako Yoshikawa, Ogawa Coffee Co. Ltd., JAPAN

Hisako's winning pours.
Hisako’s winning pours.
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