The Definitive Guide to Kansas City

Where should I get lunch? Do you know a place to pick up last-minute competition wares? Here’s the KC guide that has it all.


As baristas and coffee pros from around the nation descend into Kansas City, Mo., for the United States Coffee Championships, some of you might be wondering, “What else do I want to do while I’m in Kansas City?”

To help answer that query, four members of the Kansas City coffee community decided to make a guide for coffee folks navigating their city. During the competition, they’ll be handing out the guides to attendees.

Pretty much anything you can think of is part of this guide. Along with an exhaustive list of coffee shops, the guide includes neighborhood maps, transit routes, and a list of places to go when you panic and find out that you’re one signature drink glass short and need to go to a housewares store ASAP.

Food recommendations were made by polling members of the KC coffee community—so you know they’re legit. The guide also includes free and inexpensive places to visit while you have downtime. Check out their list of museums, parks, and city sights to check out in between your favorite competitors’ routines!

The guide was sponsored by Hugo Tea and put together by four KC-based baristas: Jerry, Chana, Laura, and Danielle, who will also be updating the Instagram account @kc.coffeecow with more recommendations and things to check out. And make sure to grab a physical copy of one of these guides if you can—there will be 400 in circulation, so you better grab yours quickly!

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