“The Coffee Man” is Coming to America

“The Coffee Man” is set to make its Stateside debut in September.

The movie that captures Sasa Sestic’s personal journey through coffee and his quest to win the World Barista Championship makes its way to America next month.

Following a premier  in Dublin in conjunction with the World Barista Championship and the SCAE’s World of Coffee, “The Coffee Man”  went onto win “Best Australian Documentary” at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival  in July this year.

"The Coffee Man"
The filmmakers and subject take questions following a screening of “The Coffee Man.”

“The Coffee Man” follows Sasa Sestic’s career through coffee culminating with his triumph at the WBC in Seattle last year. But really, the movie does a fantastic job at capturing so much more than just that. It’s one of the best movies we’ve seen about coffee, period. It’s also one of the best we’ve seen about barista competitions. By pulling so many of the threads of specialty coffee together, “The Coffee Man” is  not just a great coffee film, but a fun, entertaining, and enlightening movie for anyone interested in coffee. And now you’ve got a chance to see it!

Barista Magazine covered  “The Coffee Man” in the August + September 2016 issue. You can read the story online at the BMag e-pub. And you can download the BMag app and read it, and many more more issues, for free anywhere!

All across America, cafés, coffee shops, and roasteries  will host  screenings of the movie. The screenings begin in mid-September in Cleveland, Ohio and run through October in locations all across the country! You can find out more at thecoffeemanfilm.com, and if there’s not a screening near you, maybe you can even host one!

"The Coffee Man"

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