The Coffee Cup That Can Do Everything (Except Fold Your Laundry)

Travel mugs are everywhere, with cute kittens painted on them, in the shape of a to-go cup but made of porcelain, with stainless steel walls, with French press capabilities… we in the specialty-coffee industry have seen it all when it comes to travel mugs… haven’t we?

Meet the Cafflano, the brainchild of Hansang Yoo, who is just a regular guy who loves coffee. Hansang didn’t like travel brew kits that had lots of components,  so he created the Cafflano, an all-in-one travel pour over.

In one sturdy tumbler, Cafflano boasts a grinder, a kettle, a pourover filter basket, and a thermal receptacle from which to drink your freshly prepared brew. Check out the video that shows how to use it:

Looks like you still have to have access to a scale for your whole bean, and a hot water heater of some kind, but besides that, the Cafflano can really do it all.

The Cafflano team is hosting a Kickstarter campaign right now ”it goes through July 16. They need some serious dough to get this project into the mass manufacturing stage, so think about helping them reach their goal of 70,000 pounds (they’re in the UK).

And here you thought you’d seen it all when it came to brewers…

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