The Artist in You

I love that the coffee community is full of artists and musicians and writers. And I love the fact that you are not only celebrated for your diversity, but often called upon to lend your artist bent to a cause… here are two we’re excited about.


One of our very favorite nonprofits is the Green Cafe Network. The GCN is all about promoting sustainability within the cafe. They love coffee just as much as the next person, it’s just that the GCN folks want the cups to be recycled, and other waste to be properly disposed of. In a new effort to raise awareness about waste in cafes and how to handle it, the GCN announces its Signs for Sustainability Design Contest.

“Green Cafe Network invites budding designers and students to use their creative skills to help green neighborhood cafes by designing signs that will help cafes to conserve resources, reduce waste and inspire their customers to practice and promote sustainability,” says Kirstin Henninger, founding director of the Green Cafe Network, which is based in San Francisco.

Top entries in FIVE different categories will receive a cash prize of $200! Other prizes — including goodies from Patagonia — will go out to entries, as well! So get your submissions in by NOVEMBER 1! Please check HERE for all the details.

Thanks, Green Cafe Network! We can’t wait to hear about all the winners!


The Stumptown Coffee Roasters Photo Contest is still going on, so don’t miss your chance to get your entries in!

“We invite you to submit your unique perspective on all things œStumptown ,” says Stumptown on its Facebook fan page. “Ideally this means œyour Stumptown  experience. May it be your favorite drink, a colorful café moment, your Stumptown-inspired home coffee setup, whatever. If you know anything about Stumptown, it’s that we appreciate originality, creativity, and the unconventional. Here’s your chance; pick up a camera and show us something awesome. Simply take a photo and post it to our Facebook page under the photo contest tab.”

Prizes are pretty sweet: rare Stumptown tshirts, selections of amazing Stumptown coffees and more.

The deadline is coming right up: October 16!! So get those entries in!

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