The 2019 United States Coffee Championships Finals Schedule

Here is the full list of competitors moving on into the final round of the United States Coffee Championships.

We’ve been live on the floor for the United States Coffee Championships, and we’re excited to announce the list of competitors moving on to Sunday’s finals.

All photos courtesy of @isbellcreative.


Sam Neely—Switchback Coffee Roasters
Andrea Allen—Onyx Coffee Lab
Emily Orendorff—Boxcar Coffee
T. Ben Fischer—Elixr Coffee Roasters
Samantha Spillman—Dillanos Coffee Roasters
Dylan Siemens—Onyx Coffee Lab


Justin Goodhart—Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters
Chelsey Walker-Watson—Atlas Coffee Importers
Jennifer Hwang—Klatch Coffee
Lance Hendricks—Onyx Coffee Lab
Jacob White—Bird Rock Coffee Roasters
Kaley Gann—Messenger Coffee


Summer Zhang—Onyx Coffee Lab
Jen Apodaca—Royal Coffee
Samuel Gurel—Torch Coffee


Brodie Lewis—Madcap Coffee
Joel Cronenberg—Provision Coffee
Nathanael Mehrens—Stay Golden
Sam Schroeder—Olympia Coffee
Dakota Graff—Onyx Coffee Lab
Matt Foster—Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting

Announcements will be made tomorrow for the roasting competition.

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