Test Drive: The Carter Move Mug

The latest Carter Move Mug comes with a slight change to enhance the drinking experience.


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Drinking coffee in style matters to many people—and keeping your coffee hot at the same time should, too. The Fellow Carter Move Mug has been serving both these purposes for a while. But with the latest upgrade, which features a 360-degree sip lid, we expect some improvements from the last edition in aesthetic and functionality.

The latest incarnation of the Fellow Carter Move Mug features a 360-degree sip lid.

What’s New in the Latest Fellow Carter Move Mug?

The Fellow Carter Move Mug has been around for a few years now. Since its release, this mug has made waves because of its appearance and heat-trapping capabilities. However, the earlier versions of the mug, which came with a separate lid and splash guard, weren’t practical for driving or drinking on the go. Also, the look and feel of the splash guard didn’t make the most sense.

Still, while the 360-degree sip lid offers some improvements, the mug design and construction haven’t changed. When it comes to the new 360-degree sip lid, the main difference is that you can drink from every angle with the lid on. Additionally, a detachable splash umbrella is part of the sip lid. This feature is very different from the original system, which used a closing lid and a separate splash guard.

In terms of the Fellow Carter Move Mug’s original appeal, nothing has changed. The internal ceramic coating keeps taste and aroma unaltered, while the insulated stainless steel body keeps coffee hot or cold for hours.

The ceramic coating of the mug helps preserve the taste and aroma of your coffee.

Coffee Brewing Into the Vessel

Several manufacturers produce coffee makers to brew coffee directly into a mug. I use the AeroPress and V60 dripper this way, particularly on the go.

Surprisingly, the V60 dripper doesn’t fit the Fellow Carter Move Mug, and neither does the AeroPress. Well, that’s without the sip lid on. One of the significant advantages of the 360-degree sip lid is that it fits the AeroPress and big drippers. The only extra step here is using a towel to remove the coffee excess on top of the sip lid before attaching the magnetic splash umbrella.

The 360-degree sip lid helps the mug fit under the AeroPress and bigger drippers.

Drinking at Home and On the Go

The Fellow Carter Move is light and portable. One of its better features is its ability to hold coffee temperature for hours.

However, using the mug at home is also comfortable, and it has become my regular mug for a few reasons. Even with the lid off, the Fellow Carter Move Mug has the best temperature retention among my cups. Nonetheless, I take between 30 to 45 minutes to finish my coffee—and that’s with large servings.

On the go, the sip lid works great, especially when driving. I took the mug with me several times to try it while driving. A good thing about the Carter Move for driving is that it fits most cars’ cup holders, unlike its previous versions. Additionally, drinking and driving with the sip lid on feels comfortable and safe. The 360-degree design helps keep the eyes on the road, and the magnetic splash umbrella helps that a lot.

When taking the sip lid out of the mug, it is important to remember that it holds some liquid inside it. In the beginning, it can be a bit annoying. A few times, I removed the lid to drink directly from the mug, later realizing that it dropped some coffee onto the table below it. It’s better to remove the lid and put it directly into a plate or the sink to clean it later.

Pros of the Fellow Carter Move Mug with 360° Sip Lid

  • Maintains drinks temperature for hours with the lid on and about 30 minutes with the lid off
  • Internal ceramic coating keeps the coffee taste and aroma intact
  • Drinking with the 360-degree sip lid on is comfortable and safe
  • Magnetic splash umbrella is sleek and easy to use

Cons of the Fellow Carter Move Mug

  • 360-degree sip lid isn’t sealed, so if you drop your mug, it will let coffee out of it
  • Doesn’t fit the AeroPress or Fellow Prismo, nor V60 drippers

Final Thoughts

The Fellow Carter Move Mug was a solid product before the 360-degree lid. For driving and walking, it’s a good option. Additionally, it’s easy to get the various lids that you may need from Fellow.

For this reason, this mug’s new attachment is a solid option for drinking coffee at home. 


Yker Valerio (he/him) is a freelance content creator. After more than 10 years of working as a management consultant, he started the blog Bon Vivant Caffè to share his passion for specialty coffee.

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