It is a typical Sunday at deadline, which means that so far, I have organized a bunch of photos from Ken’s and my trip to the zoo last week for my birthday; I have registered for more presents for our upcoming wedding, and thanks to an invite from my pal Luis Rodriguez, I have started and organized my own page on Facebook. Yesterday, when faced with the same deadline, I located a childhood friend on Google and read his entire blog. And took the dog to the park for a really long time. And read the whole new issue of Wired.

So maybe this way of life is part of why we wanted to start a blog, and keep it under the umbrella of Barista Magazine. We — Ken Olson and I, Sarah Allen — run a magazine for baristas. We started the mag in 2004, first issue came out in 2005, and we’re going strong with a rockin team. But every issue still presents its challenges, every deadline is daunting, and Jessica — our fantastic art director — has long since gotten used to the fact that we procrastinate, and we still always manage to produce a magazine that makes us all proud, each and every time. And the most important thing is that we’re all still having fun with it. Like, really a lot of fun. How-the-heck-did-we-get-so-lucky-to-have-jobs-like-this kind of fun.

So we made this blog, our first, because maybe we needed a new thing to procrastinate about. No, just kidding. We figured we really like reading other peoples’ blogs, so maybe we’d give it a shot. We created this space called PASTEBOARD to give you news about the goings on in the coffee industry, as well as in our little world, which we live out blissfully in Portland, Oregon, USA.

All that said, is is indeed Sunday and I have got to meet this deadline. We’ve got a busy week ahead prepping Ken for his trip to Tokyo for the World Barista Championship. He’s going over with his dad, Bruce, who retired a few months ago and thought, What the heck? I’ll go to Japan, too. So plenty of adventures and lots of craziness undoubtedly await them, and I can’t wait to hear about it all. We’ll write about it here, as well as give you stats on our beloved basketball team, the Portland Trailblazers; reports on the mischief made by our dog, Cade, and our two cats, Spacey and Boko; updates on the planning of the wedding it’s taken us three years of engagement to get to; descriptions of the best beers we’re trying out, and oh yeah — we’ll talk a lot about the coffee industry, too. Duh.

And now, I must get back to my work. Thanks for checking PASTEBOARD out, and please come back and visit soon for photos and procrastination rants. And much, much more.


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