Some Notes About the WBC…

Hello World! The number of international friends walking to and fro on the other side of the glass, from where I sit here in my blogging booth covering the WBC, is outstanding ”so many people to see! So from here in Atlanta, the world seems pretty small. But I know there are hundreds upon hundreds of you out there tuning in to watch the live feed, as well as check this blog. So welcome to you, as well!

To address the primary concern that many of you have had out there: WHERE ARE THE ARCHIVED VIDEOS OF EACH COMPETITOR? For this, I invite you to contact Cindy Change, WBC Executive Director, and Nick Cho, who is in charge of everything to do with the videos and live feed. Ken and I (i.e. Barista Magazine) are here taking thousands of photos and blogging away for the written part of the coverage. So once again, for concerns about the videos and live feed, email or

And now for some fun shots taken around the WBC area thoughout today. It’s been another terrific day of amazing competitors ”we have one more day of the preliminary round to go! At the end of the day tomorrow, we will learn which 6 national barista champions have turned in the best performances and will go on to compete in Sunday’s final round. Cheers!


Above, Panama’s cheering section (Rachel Peterson on the right)


A shot from above of Carl Sara of New Zealand’s careful tableside signature drink preparation set-up.


Team El Salvador cheering for Flor!


India’s Daniel Felix brought these awesome illy cups.


Nicaragua’s colorful cheering section.


My pal Danger Dan stops by the blogging booth to say hello to me. Thanks, Dan!

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