Wanted: Black Writers, Black Voices

We are looking for diverse voices to contribute, no writing degree necessary—read on for details.

Photo by David Rangel

Since we started Barista Magazine in 2005, our mission has always been to serve the people of our community with a diverse range of voices. We’ve certainly stumbled along the way, but we’ve been and continue to be committed to doing the work. Currently, we are actively seeking to widen the scope of submissions and stories we receive and print in our bimonthly print magazine and at our daily news site, Barista Mag Online.

We believe each of us brings a unique perspective to the subject of specialty coffee, but too many voices have yet had the chance to be heard.

In that effort, we would like to invite any and all writers, photographers, and illustrators to get in contact about contributing work for pay to Barista Magazine. We are not looking for specific degrees or established portfolios; all are welcome to apply. Our editors are available to work with new writers and help them develop pieces that can go toward creating a body of work that might carry them further in a freelance career.

To keep with our vision of supporting a larger chorus of voices in the specialty-coffee industry, we will, however, be prioritizing members of the Black and non-white communities.

Specifically, Barista Magazine is calling for ongoing contributions from Black voices about anything coffee and coffee-business related. In addition, and not limited to the current movement for racial and human justice, topics might include barista training, developing a sustainable buying program, or creating new practices in light of COVID-19 precautions, as we are still far from being out of the woods with our global pandemic. 

If there is a story you think is missing from our content or a topic that needs to be addressed at Barista Mag Online and/or in our print publication, we want to know about it. We are eager for the opportunity to work with writers who want to bring them to light. 

For online stories, please email katrina@baristamagazine.com, and for print magazine pitches you can reach out to sarah@baristamagazine.com. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Katrina, Sarah, and the team at Barista Magazine

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