See you in Tokyo!

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We’re leaving for the airport in just over an hour. I’ve got to drink a pot of Guatemalan SHB before then or else face the scalding Coffee People offering at PDX. Luckily I have Sarah to help me out. She’ll be driving my dad and me to the airport, and the big news in Portland is that this week was the grand opening of IKEA, which is located right by PDX.

They’ve set up special traffic cams, have many extra police and basically are expecting a human zoo, the kind that only cheap, build-it-yourself, Swedish design furniture can inspire. Truthfully, Sarah and I are very excited about the store, and we see an affordable refurbishing of Barista Magazine World Headquarters sometime in the near future thanks to our new Nordic neighbors, but right now it means that we have to leave for the airport a little earlier than normal.
So, see you in Tokyo