Saturday Series: The Rialta Coffee Tour Takes a Holiday

The Ultimate Coffee Road Trip Across the United States.

This week:  Don Takes a Well-Deserved Break

Editor’s note:  We began publishing reports from Don Niemyer about the cafes he visited on his cross-country coffee tour back in the summer of 2013, and we’ve loved following his journey, learning about amazing coffeehouses out there in the United States, ever since.

Don has graced us with an incredible series of articles for the past 14 weeks as he and his family have rolled on through the United States, trying coffee and visiting cafes everywhere they went. With the holidays coming up a few weeks ago, I said, “Don’t you want to take a break, Don?” He was affable as always, and said he’d been working on an end-of-the-year story to talk about what he’d seen and learned through this incredible experience. If you missed it when it appeared Saturday, December 27, I urge you to read it now.

In fact, why don’t you grab a cup of coffee and sit back and catch up with all of Don’s great posts, each one packed with amazing photos and terrific humor and insights. Don is finally taking a week off, but check back on Saturday, January 10, for an all new installment of The Rialta Coffee Tour.

Part 1: Oregon to Amarillo, Texas
Part 2: Oklahoma to South Dakota
Part 3: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Part 4: Wisconsin to Michigan
Part 5: Chicago, Illinois
Part 6: Indiana to Washington, D.C.
Part 7: Virginia to Florida
Special Edition: The Big Central Coffee Competitions in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Part 8: Maryland to Pennsylvania
Part 9: Delaware to Rhode Island
Part 10: Massachusetts to Maine
Part 11: Vermont
Part 12: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Part 13: Ohio to Tennessee

We hope you continue to enjoy Don’s reports as much as we do!

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