Remembering Camp Pull-A-Shot

The Barista Guild of America (BGA) has hardly taken a breather since the success that was Camp Pull-A-Shot, the BGA’s retreat that had its second annual event in October in Santa Barbara, California. As a matter of fact, their retreat for professional baristas ”which combines a heavy dose of education with a lot of fun and team building activities ”has been successful to the point that they find themselves in need of a second retreat per year, this one to take place sometime between May and August, on the East Coast.

The theme and structure will be the same: a low-key environment in which baristas can let their hair down, get to know one another, have plenty of time with instructors on espresso machines and grinders, and basically make some of the most awesome memories this industry has ever seen.

As we wait with baited breath to hear the location and official dates of the Spring/Summer Camp Pull-A-Shot, let’s take a look back at some of the best write ups about this past October’s Camp. I loved my buddy Michael Harwood’s recollection on the BGA’s blog, which you can read HERE. Also, check out what Trevor and Ryan from MadCap Coffee put together on their blog, HERE.

And don’t forget to read Barista Mag’s Publisher Ken Olson’s account of his awesome experience at Camp in the new issue, December/January, of Barista Magazine! If you don’t have a hard copy in your hand, you can read it online: just go to our homepage, click on the cover image, and read the iMag in its entirety!


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