Registration for Barista Nation Kansas City Opens Today!

If you know Barista Magazine then you know we love Barista Nation ”we’ve been a supporter since it first began in May of 2011! Since then, the event ”which offers free education to coffee communities around the globe ”has grown and developed into one of the most important forums for learning and community building that exists in the specialty coffee industry.

We are thrilled to announce that Barista Nation will next head to the Midwest ”Kansas City, to be exact. And you know who hails from Kansas City, don’t you? None other than World Barista Champion PETE LICATA, that’s who! Pete will be on hand at the event, which takes place November 4, to kiss babies and shake hands as well as deliver the keynote speech! That’s right, folks ”you can hear the reigning WBC Champ discuss his philosophy on how coffee communities connect in this evening lecture.

Kansas City has a thriving coffee community, so the event is sure to fill up fast ”register for it today! We can’t wait to see the awesomeness that will be Barista Nation Kansas City. One of the reasons it’ll be so great? Because About the Coffee is hosting it!

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The theme for the Kansas City Barista Nation event is “Connected by Coffee,” so it’s not just Pete who will focus his attention on the importance of connectivity; all of the lecturers gathered in Kansas City will address the topic. Here are some of the speakers and topics scheduled for the event:

¢ “Connecting the Steps We Take as Importers to get Green Coffee From Origin to Roaster,” Josh Burdett, InterAmerican Coffee

¢ “Build Something,” Marty Roe, About the Coffee

¢ “Dreaming of Your Own Thing? 7 Ideas to Help Craft Vision & Facilitate a Culture of Awesomeness,” Gregory Kolsto, Oddly Correct

¢ “Creating and Delivering a Great Food Program in a Coffee-Focused Environment,” Marcus Boni (!!!!), Keith Kildron, and Frank McGinty, Kaldi’s Coffee

¢ “Link Summer and Winter Cold Coffee Drinks,” Julia Leach, Toddy

¢ “Get Connected with Coffee & Cocktails,” Jacque Des Marais, Kaldi’s Coffee

¢ “Connecting with Community,” Yours Truly, Barista Magazine

And much more!

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So go online and get yourself registered! All you have to do is go to, make a $10 donation, and email the receipt to Anastasia Chovan at See you all in Kansas City!

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