Presenting the December+January issue of Barista Magazine!

We’re thrilled to be releasing the latest issue of Barista Magazine this week: our December+January issue is live online for anyone, anywhere, to read for free; and the print magazine will be mailed to subscribers in the coming week.

We're thrilled to have the amazing Fabrizio on the cover of our December+January issue!
We’re thrilled to have the amazing Fabrizio on the cover of our December+January issue!

We love having a blog (which, as you know, we update every day with original news stories), and it’s wonderful that we can offer the magazine online for free to those of you who might not be ready to commit to a paid subscription (and the thousands of you who already HAVE a paid subscription but can’t wait to see the new issue the day it’s released!). But for the coffee professional, there’s nothing like holding something in your hand to really appreciate it ”we know you get this. You love tools and education and coffee. You like to hang onto things, keep them, refer back to them. This is why we are so proud to continue providing you with the beautiful print Barista Magazine, and we always will!

Another testimony to you coffee pros loving tangible things? Your awesome responses to our annual article, Best Bar Tools, which appears in this new issue and features baristas talking about the tools they love most, from Kansas City to Cape Town, from Portland, Maine, to Amsterdam.

We are thrilled to offer an in-depth feature story about the beloved Fabrizio Sención Ramírez of Mexico, who famously placed second in the World Barista Championship in 2012. Learn all about Fabrizio’s love of coffee and country, his philosiophies on operating a successful cafe and roastery in Guadalajara, and his thoughts on his coffee professional peers, in the article by Publisher Kenneth R. Olson in the new issue.

Darrin Daniel (formerly of Stumptown Coffee) contributes a terrific Field Report about a recent buying trip to the storied origin of Indonesia. Read about the region’s rich history and promising feature in the December+January issue.

Editor Sarah Allen offers a lovely piece on the whirlwind tour of Italy she enjoyed with the La Marzocco family at the Out of the Box event in October in Milan, the HOST hospitality show, and in the achingly gorgeous city of Florence afterwards.

We are thrilled to present a fantastic infographic we commissioned from the talented Bethany Ny for the article Changing with Climate Change by Erin Meister. The terrific article and involving infographic acknowledge our need and desire to change habits to combat climate change, but also offer suggestions for operating our cafes, roasteries, and coffee farms within the changing landscape of earth’s atmosphere and climate.

Publisher Kenneth R. Olson writes about the groundbreaking travel experiment developed by Italian Barista Champ Francesco Sanapo in Puerto Rico, wherein he brought 15 Italian baristas to work and live on a coffee farm. Ken joined the group at Hacienda San Pedro for a week in November to see the project, Barista & Farmer, unfold, and report on it.

We profile the dynamic Paolo Dalla Corte in this issue’s Master Q+A column, letting this espresso machine visionary share his philosophies on working in a family company and developing new technology within one of the most important categories of the coffee industry.

And there is much, much more in this issue! So check it out online by clicking HERE, and let us know what you think!

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