Northwest Cup Tasters League Party Tonight in Seattle!

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Third Northwest Cup Tasters League event will showcase special Colombian coffee finds from Tony’s Coffee

If you’re anywhere near Seattle, Washington, you’d do well to hustle on over to Tony’s Coffee, 7001 3rd Ave. NW,  tonight to take part in the 3rd Northwest Cup Tasters League (NWCTL) event tonight.

The first two NWCTL events have been tremendously successful, bringing together coffee professionals and enthusiasts from across the Pacific Northwest. Twenty cuppers will take part in a competition tonight that’s going to earn the top finishers some bitchen prizes.


David Yake of Tony’s says he’s extra excited about the  event tonight for a very special reason: “Andrew [Tony’s buyer] and I just returned from Colombia with some incredible coffees, which we’ll be featuring at the event,” David told me. “Two of the samples that we’re most excited about are Sudan Rume, which we purchased from Granja La Esperanza ”who’s only the second farm to commercially cultivate this variety, and Laurina, the naturally decaffeinated mutation of Bourbon that was discovered in Madagascar, also grown by Granja La Esperanza.”

Tonight’s event is open to everyone, but remember: there are only 20 spots in the cupping competition, so get there early if you want to compete! If you’re more of a spectator, that’s OK, too ” there will be beer to drink and coffee to sample.

“The cup tasters competition goes like this: taste 8 sets of coffee. In each set, two coffees are alike, one is different. You guess which is the odd one out. Whether you get them all right or not, you’ve given your cranial-gustatory synapses a helluva workout,” says David.

There’s a $5 buy-in (bring cash).

Tasting starts at 6 p.m. Merriment to follow …

Winner takes home cash + Bonavita Variable Temp Kettle.

2nd + 3rd place tasters take home Bonavita Immersion Cones.

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