Nordic Barista Cup by the Numbers

You may wonder how the five teams in the Nordic Barista Cup are scored? Well, they are evaluated on team spirit and enthusiasm, coffee knowledge and abilities and finally, the amount of money each team raised at the Public Day for the charity project, Manos Abiertas, which is a nonprofit in Costa Rica that raises money for children with disabilities.

And the final scores were…

Team Denmark ”WINNER! ”687 points

Team Sweden ”682 points

Team Norway ”676 points

Team Finland ”627 points

Team Iceland ”626 points

Congratulations to all the teams for a wonderful job!!

Regarding the amounts of money raised for Manos Abiertas: below is the amount in Icelandic Kronur and also in U.S. dollars, that each team raised on the Public Day. Note that these amounts do not include the money raised during the Silent Auction ”those amounts have not yet been totaled, but as soon as they are, we will list them here.


Team Iceland raised 91,814 ISK/$745.55

Team Norway raised 71,251 ISK/$578.53

Team Sweden raised 45,306 ISK/$367.89

Team Finland raised 43,364 ISK/$352.12

Team Denmark raised 32,211 ISK/$261.59

TOTAL RAISED: 283,946 ISK/$2,305.75

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