New U.S. Regional Champs, More Regional News

Let’s hear it for some come-back action! Greg Lefcourt of Ozo Coffee in Boulder, Colo., took the Mountain Regional Barista Competition championship title on Valentine’s Day at the Denver competition, hosted by Barista Pro Shop ”this is Greg’s second year in a row with the title! Greg proved himself to be a top-notch barista and a really super sweet guy when we all met him at the U.S. Barista Championship in Portland last year.

Above, Greg performs in the semi-final round at the 2009 USBC.

And just one week after the Mountain, in Atlanta, Ga., Lem Butler became the three-time Southeast Regional Barista Champion ”holla! In an awesome competition hosted by Everything Coffee & Tea, and Batdorf & Bronson, Lem ”who works as a trainer for Counter Culture Coffee ”wowed the crowd in a number of ways, not the least of which was pouring latte art two cups at a time. That’s a pitcher in each hand, folks. Whoa, nelly.

Here's Lem workin it during the 2005 SERBC. Remember when the tables were that low, and the workspace wasn't L-shaped?

We know we’re not alone in our excitement to see what Lem and Greg will do in Aneheim at the U.S. Barista Championship! Can’t wait!

But first, we have a bunch more regionals to go! Up this weekend is the Western Regional, which is hosted by Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. It all kicks off tomorrow morning and continues through Sunday ”check out the live feed at the USBC website.

The very next weekend, in New Jersey during Coffee Fest, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Barista Championship will take place. And the week after that ”since someone decided Marcus Boni doesn’t really need sleep ”the Great Lakes Regional will happen in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Big shout out to Alterra Coffee for hosting that one!


#1: The Southwest Regional, originally scheduled to take place in Phoenix March 19-21, has been CANCELLED. That’s a bummer.

#2. The Northeast Regional, which is graciously being hosted by barismo, New Harvest Coffee Roasters, and the George Howell Coffee Company, is being pushed up a week, so it will take place March 19-21, instead of March 26-28, as originally planned. This one takes place in Boston.

And that’s the Regional Report, folks!

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