Meet North Central Regional Brewers Cup Champ Jon Ferguson!

Returning Regional Brewers Cup Champ Jon Ferguson is set to rock it in Boston!

As the proud Media Sponsor of the United States Barista Championship since 2005, Barista Magazine has always compiled and produced a beautiful printed program that serves as a guide, collectors item, introduction to the Regional Barista Champions and the Regional Brewers Cup Champions, all the party info for the SCAA show, and much more! 2013 is no different. This year’s Official United States Barista Championship.U.S. Brewers Cup Event Program is at the printer right now! But we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at some of the most popular content in the program, the Regional Barista Competition Champs and Regional Brewers Cup Champs profiles.


Returning Regional Brewers Cup Champ Jon Ferguson is set to rock it in Boston!
Returning Regional Brewers Cup Champ Jon Ferguson is set to rock it in Boston!

How long have you been a barista?

Since 2005.


If you could offer any advice to a barista just getting interested in competing in the Brewers Cup, what would it be?

Practice often and try to minimize your assumptions about coffee.

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What do you particularly like about the Brewers Cup format?

The format allows both the judges and the competitors to easily focus on coffee extraction.


Why is the Brewers Cup a timely event for the specialty coffee industry?

With manual brewing more commonplace in coffee shops, it represents a significant part of being a barista. Espresso is a popular form of coffee extraction and often becomes the centerpiece for most conversations, until recently. This competition helps expose the complexities of coffee extraction and popular brewing techniques.


If you could travel to any producing country, what would it be, and why?

Colombia. I would travel to Colombia to better understand its diverse growing regions and seasons.


How do you make coffee at home?



Any favorite cafés?

May Day Café in Minneapolis.


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