Meet the Coffee Celebs To Appear at Moscow Coffee & Tea: Gloria Pedroza

The Moscow Coffee & Tea Expo always attracts some of the biggest names in specialty coffee, and this year will be no exception.

The  Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo  will be returning to IEC Crocus Expo Centre on September 23 “26. In 2013, MCTE hosted over 100 events on 6 stages: workshops and seminars from internationally recognized experts, business lectures, and endless networking events to meet the world’s top coffee personalities.

To get you ready for this year’s event, we wanted to bring some of the celebrated speakers to you up close and personal! Below, see our interviews with Rob Stephen, Gloria Pedroza, Asli Yaman, Christopher Tara-Browne, and Erik Rosendahl.


Originally from Guatemala and living for 10 years in Switzerland, Gloria is the  Head of Quality Green Coffee at NKG Qualtiy Service. She has worked for 16 years in the coffee business as a quality manager and adviser of green  coffee at export and import companies of the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe in different  countries.

She was the World Cup Tasting Champion in 2006, and she has  7 years judging experience at national barista competitions. She has been a WBC certified judge since 2011, and a World Brewers Cup and World Latte Art Championship certified judge since 2013.

Your favorite coffee?

I don’t have only one favorite, I like many, among them. I really enjoy to  prepare an Ethiopian washed Sidamo or Yirgacheffe with the Chemex or a Guatemala  Antigua like San Rafael Urias with the French Press.

What brought you to the specialty-coffee industry?  

I am convinced it was destiny. Since after graduating from school I was just looking  for a place to do my apprenticeship and I got the opportunity to do it at the NKG  export company in Guatemala.  I fell in love with coffee right away.

How many cups of coffee a day do you drink?  

Not so many. Every morning the first thing I do when I arrive to the office is to  make one cappuccino. After that, I drink perhaps 3 or 4 big mugs of brewed coffee.  Sometimes an espresso after lunch.

What do you like most about the specialty-coffee industry?  

On one hand, the complexity of the product from the the agronomy perspective to  the chemical composition incl. sensory analysis. And on the other hand I am  fascinated about the community, the coffee family. Everywhere I go I have coffee  friends I can visit and with whom I can have a chat, most of the times about coffee.

Has coffee changed your life somehow?  

Yes, indeed. I never imagined that my life would be like it is now. Coffee has given me the chance to see the world and to learn about different cultures. It gives me the chance  to discover new things and to interact with so many people around the world.

If you could take 3 things on an uninhabited island, what would they be?

My book, a pencil, and coffee seeds.

What have you been dreaming of lately? For example,  today?  

Since I just came back from vacation, I have been dreaming about the beach and the sun  and a nice cold lemonade.

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