Meet the Coffee Celebs To Appear at Moscow Coffee & Tea: Christopher Tara-Browne

The Moscow Coffee & Tea Expo always attracts some of the biggest names in specialty coffee, and this year will be no exception.

The  Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo  will be returning to IEC Crocus Expo Centre on September 23 “26. In 2013, MCTE hosted over 100 events on 6 stages: workshops and seminars from internationally recognized experts, business lectures, and endless networking events to meet the world’s top coffee personalities.

To get you ready for this year’s event, we wanted to bring some of the celebrated speakers to you up close and personal! Below, see our interviews with Rob Stephen, Gloria Pedroza, Asli Yaman, Christopher Tara-Browne, and Erik Rosendahl.


Christopher Tara-Browne is the CEO, board member, and co-founder of Traveler’s Coffee International ltd.

Your favorite coffee?

I love all types of single origins and espresso drinks… I really don’t have one favorite.

What brought you  to  the specialty-coffee industry?

I’ve been drinking specialty coffee since I was 14 when my parents brought home our first whole-bean coffee. It was Kenya AA from  Thanksgiving  Coffee founded by Paul Katzeff and also one of the founders of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.  BTW he’s also the author of The Coffee Cuppers’ Manifesto.

How many cups of coffee a day do you drink?


What do you like most about the specialty-coffee industry?

I love the people and the community we all make. We are unified around one goal the quality product of coffee.

Has coffee changed your life somehow?

Yes, very much so…

If you could take 3 things on an uninhabited island, what would they be?

My wife and my sons Alex and Daniel. Regrettably we’d have to leave our black Labrador, Liza, behind because you didn’t give me 4 things to take… You’re very cruel to tear away a family from its dog.

What have you been dreaming of lately? For example,  today?

A top management team that can take Travelers Coffee from 81 stores (where we are now) to 500 stores. Yes, I really dreamed about this…


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