Success at a Young Age: Jim Adame and the Loch Coffee Company

What were you doing when you were 19? Jim Adame was opening up the Loch Coffee Company, now a community hub in Midland, Mich.


The Loch Coffee Company opened in October of 2016 in Midland, Mich., and is run by owner Jim Adame. In addition to serving excellent coffee, the shop boasts a unique feature in the youth of its owner. “I really haven’t had any negative responses to me being a young business owner,” he says. “I was expecting to, but everyone just gets excited to find out that I was only 19 years old when I opened this shop.” Though the shop isn’t in a high-traffic part of town, Jim tells of a steady customer base. “The journey has been mind-blowing; when I was getting ready to open our doors, I was expecting to have a very slow, quiet crowd for the first few months. But it’s been consistently busy since day one.”

Owner Jim Adame pouring latte art.

Jim is adamant in mentioning that his shop’s deeply rooted connection to equally passionate partner Narrativality Coffee Roasters plays a key role in delivering the best product possible, every time. Narrativality, a local roasting outfit based minutes away in Mt. Pleasant, Mich., is a husband-and-wife operation that started as a couple of 20-somethings roasting green beans in a 1980s-era popcorn popper, and quickly grew into an expertly crafted coffee business. With both of these businesses placing so much importance on quality, story, and craftsmanship, you really can’t go wrong.

The menu at the Loch Coffee Company, featuring coffees from Narrativality.

The Loch Coffee Company’s focus on bringing artisanal coffee to the area is what has distinguished it from the pack. Not only do customers get top-shelf ingredients and meticulous preparation at Loch’s, but the shop’s open floor plan allows customers to watch their drinks being made from start to finish. While there are tables near the windows and others centered in more of a restaurant-style arrangement, there is also a quieter back room with an electric fireplace, couch, and chairs for a more intimate setting.

For those that aren’t as excited about coffee, the Loch Coffee Company also offers nine different types of tea, some locally bottled sodas, kombucha, and fresh bakery items like scones and muffins. Next to the counter is a merchandise table with T-shirts, hoodies, beanies, and roasted coffee, among other items. Near the door are flyers of upcoming events, including the in-store poetry readings and open mic nights.

Jim serving one of his regular customers at the Loch Coffee Company.

For a new shop in a small-but-growing town, the Loch Coffee Company has been able to get past the hump that comes with getting people to try something new. “I’m really grateful for everyone that comes into the shop,” Jim says. “We have a great regular base, and we see many new customers every day.” Jim closes out our correspondence with a bold statement: “I have a lot of plans for the future that are best left as a surprise for right now, but we will be introducing many new things in the next few months!”

Roy Miller is a film lover, cat person, and contributing editor to his local newspaper. His works have appeared in various literary magazines and websites, and include three self-published titles. He currently lives in Michigan with his girlfriend and several pets.

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