Listen While You Brew: Coffee Podcasts—Part Two

We wrap up our feature on coffee podcasts you can check out in your free time during shelter in place.


Note from the editor: Last week, we began a list of some of the many awesome coffee podcasts out there to keep you occupied during shelter in place. Today we wrap up the feature with four more interesting listens from notable industry figures.

Coffee Jobs Podcast

This podcast is hosted by James Hoffmann and made available to listeners by the Coffee Jobs Board. There are only nine episodes available, but each one features interviews from renowned coffee specialists about how they made a name for themselves in specialty coffee. James Hoffmann asks straightforward questions to guests to get their insights on how to best progress in coffee, as well as asking about mistakes they made or changes they wish they made in their own careers. A large portion of each episode dives into hiring and best interviewing practices, as well as advice on how to develop professional teams within a work space. Whether you work in coffee, own a business or aspire to, there’s plenty to learn in every episode. Listen here.

Tamper Tantrum

Tamper Tantrum was initially created by 3fe owner Colin Harmon, Hasbean’s Steven Leighton, and SCA community coordinator Ben Helfen, who recorded several long and controversial conversations about all things coffee with various coffee professionals from around the world. In early 2015, Jenn Rugolo of World Coffee Events joined the team and Tamper Tantrum became an official podcast. The show provides regular informative and inspiring coffee content through interviews, recorded talks, videos, and live events. The four hosts bring a plethora of coffee knowledge together and bring on new guests to discuss pretty much all things coffee. Listen on Apple Podcasts and Podtail.

Coffee with April comes from Patrik Rolf of April Coffee Roasters. Photo courtesy of Coffee with April.

Coffee with April

Created and hosted by Patrik Rolf, owner of Denmark’s April Coffee Roasters, Coffee with April explores all things coffee. The inspiration for the podcast came from Patrik wanting to explore where the coffee industry came from and where it’s going in the future. With each episode, Patrik interviews some of the most prominent names in Europe’s specialty-coffee community, along with café owners, farmers, and producers from around the world. Patrik is also a veteran roaster and brewing competitor, and brings an array of current experience and knowledge for listeners about the future of coffee and entrepreneurship. Listen on Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud.

Jesse Hartman travels for months at a time to dig up content for The Coffee Podcast. Photo courtesy of The Coffee Podcast.

The Coffee Podcast

Started by Jesse Hartman, The Coffee Podcast is a show about the people who work within the specialty-coffee supply chain. Jesse typically spends four months traveling to cafés, roasteries, and farms around the world, collecting interviews and stories from the folks behind your cup of joe. Episodes are released in a series every four months that cover the wonder behind coffee through conversations with people in and around the industry. The show follows topics on sourcing, brewing, and roasting coffee, but also dives deep into ethical issues through topics like coffee production and sustainability, with honorable praise from industry figures like Scott Rao. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher.

I Brew My Own Coffee

I Brew My Own Coffee is no longer in production, but there is a library of more than 50 episodes with interviews from industry leaders including Matt Perger of Barista Hustle, Michelle Johnson of The Chocolate Barista, and Steve Rhinehart of Prima Coffee. It’s hosted by Brian Beyke and Bryan Schiele and covers pretty much every topic in the realm of specialty coffee, so there is bound to be something for every coffee professional. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Podbean.

Stone Creek Coffee is well-established in Milwaukee and Chicago. Its podcasts also cover food and coffee-related subjects. Photo by Stone Creek Coffee.

Honorable Mention

Stone Creek Coffee Podcast

Started back in 2015 by Stone Creek Coffee out of Wisconsin, the Stone Creek Coffee Podcast is one of the longest-running coffee podcasts. Stone Creek initially got its start as a craft coffee roaster in Milwaukee and now has 12 cafés around Milwaukee and Chicago. The tone and prose of each episode is bound to draw you in and provide some insight into every process of the specialty-coffee supply chain, with topics that also dive into the offbeat like barrel-aged coffee, coffee and food pairings, and coffee cocktails. Listen on Apple Podcasts and Podbean.

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