La Marzocco Out of the Box Goes Back to Milan

Espresso machine manufacturer La Marzocco brought back its popular Out of the Box event to Milan last weekend

La Marzocco‘s  Out of the Box focused on leadership, culture and sustainability with the Linea Mini machine taking center stage.

La Marzocco Out of the Box
Custom cups featuring the Linea Mini at La Marzocco Out of the Box Milan.

As tens of thousands of people descended on the northern Italy city of Milan in late October for the biannual gigantic trade show known as HOST, esteemed Italian espresso machine maker La Marzocco held another installment of its popular Out of the Box events. The year’s Out of the Box featured multiple Linea Minis in different colors representing different facets of the event.

La Marzocco Out of the Box
The different colored Linea Minis represented different aspects of this year’s La Marzocco Out of the Box event.

The blue Linea Mini for example stood for water quality. As attendees explored the effects of water quality on coffee preparation, La Marzocco prepared a video of an experiment they performed using tea instead of water. You can see the video below.

Giana Biondi from La Marzocco explained how the different colored machines were tied to different topics.
We organized the 2015 edition of Out of the Box with the Linea Mini on center-stage, where each custom color represented a specific theme revolving around:
  • The Importance of Water  quality for the preparation of the perfect espresso shot. Reflected by  a blue Linea Mini placed inside an  aquarium full of water coming directly and continuously from the Reverse Osmosis, the brand new water treatment developed by La Marzocco & BWT –  at  La Marzocco Lab
  • Origin  & Coffee Value Chain  Represented by 10 red Linea Mini machines, accurately placed amongst seventy coffee plants and trees, which embodied the red coffee cherries – next to the  Toscana Ballroom
  • Technology  & Design  Represented by a black Linea Mini inside the “dark room” where the visitor could see the outline of the machine with a glow-in-the-dark contour and listen to a soundtrack that was recorded, and remixed, at the factory during machines assembly – at  La Marzocco Lab  &
  • Tuscan Excellence  Represented by a yellow Linea Mini placed on the temporary Barbers Shop counter by Proraso, our Florentine partner and quality brand known the world over, where visitors had the chance to combine 2 traditional rituals, the joy of coffee and shaving
  • Linea Mini 3D Launch Campaign  Represented by two “floating” stainless steel Linea Minis on a multimedia yellow background projecting the  machine’s  main features in 8 languages – at  La Marzocco Lab
  • World-class Elegance  Represented by a white Linea Mini placed on the kitchen’s countertop of one of Magna Pars’ executive suites where La Marzocco team members held one-on-one meetings –  Suite

Giana adds, “All of these Linea Mini installations allowed the visitors to go through a product experience that went beyond coffee, that was sensorial, interactive, fun and educational.”

La Marzocco Out of the Box
Attendees in the La Marzocco Lab at Out of the Box Milan

The event took place in three different areas at Magna Pars Milano. The La Marzocco Lab, which held  the True Artisan Café, brew bar, customization corner, pop-up estore, Fiorenza, temporary Proraso Barber shop, KEXP booth and most of the Linea Mini  displays. The Songwa Lodge  where the photo exhibit “Origin” by Jakob de Boer featured some amazing black and white photography from the famed farm in Tanzania, and where the custom Linea Mini by Bicio was displayed. And the Toscana Ballroom where the attendees gathered for lectures and where other machines and prototypes were set up for demonstrations including the new Strada AV.

La Marzocco Out of the Box
The pop-up barber shop at La Marzocco Out of the Box Milan.

And though it’s pretty hard to put a Linea in your pocket and take it home with you (even the mini), you can pick up a mini Linea mini, and they were very popular.

La Marzocco Out of the Box
The mini Linea mini!

With the success of this year’s La Marzocco Out of the Box event in Milan, you can be sure that future installments will be on the way. Stay tuned for information on where and when they’ll be held. They’ll surely be worth a visit!

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