JNP Coffee and Go Fund Bean Join Forces to Help Coffee Pros During COVID-19

Throughout July, 5% of JNP’s sales will go to Go Fund Bean’s need-based grants for coffee professionals.


Feature image courtesy of JNP Coffee

Earlier this year, Go Fund Bean rapidly organized a resource for hundreds of virtual tipjars to share their information when the COVID-19 pandemic first closed down coffee bars across the United States. Although the list is still ongoing and accepting submissions, Go Fund Bean has also kicked off other initiatives to help baristas in need, like a donation partnership with Melitta. Their latest partnership is with JNP Coffee, a renowned importer and producer of Burundi coffees, and it benefits all hourly coffee professionals for the month of July.

JNP and Go Fund Bean have partnered to create grants for coffee professionals financially struggling during COVID-19. Graphic courtesy of Go Fund Bean.

Throughout the month of July, 5% of JNP’s online sales will go to Go Fund Bean’s grants for coffee professionals. Grants will be awarded based on financial hardship experienced during the pandemic, and applications for these will be available mid- to late-July. In the meantime, anybody who wants to support the program can buy a minimum of one bag of green coffee from JNP and enter the code GFB2020 at checkout. You are able to request samples before purchasing, and your options include preferences like International Women’s Coffee Alliance premium coffees, women-produced coffees, and past Cup of Excellence entry coffees.

JNP is admired by Go Fund Bean for the work they put into prioritizing the people behind the coffee. Photo by JNP.

Go Fund Bean chose to partner with JNP for many reasons, as they truly believe in the mission and initiatives that the importer has made to prioritize the people, chiefly the women, behind the coffee.

“We really respect the company Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian has built,” Go Fund Bean explains on their Instagram page. “She centers Burundian female farmers in her import practices and is a leading example of what people-centered economic development can look like. JNP treats the farmers they work with as partners, and their livelihood is integral to what JNP considers success. In addition to paying premiums for the amazing coffee that they import, they support programs that teach women and youths financial literacy and leadership skills. JNP buys a majority of the coffee grown by the female farmers in the Burundi chapter of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance.”

Go Fund Bean founder Adam JacksonBey is also thrilled to be able to support both ends of the coffee supply chain through this partnership: “This opportunity to collaborate with JNP Coffee will help coffee professionals in need while also encouraging roasters, cafés, and home coffee lovers alike to try some delicious Burundian coffees that they may have skipped in the past,” he says.

Be sure to request your green coffee samples and support the mission today; grant applications for baristas will be finalized and promoted on Go Fund Bean’s Instagram account soon.

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