It’s 1st Crack: a Coffee Comic for the Weekend!

Welcome to the first 1st Crack of 2022! 1st Crack, a coffee comic strip for weekend mornings, features a unique, illustrated look at life behind the bar.


1st Crack a Coffee Comic for the Weekend - Jan. 1, 2022 Panel 1

Here’s to a New Year! We at Barista Magazine are hopeful for the coming year and thankful for so much from the past year, including you, our readers! Omri and Ashley, the duo behind 1st Crack are taking a well-earned holiday, but they wanted to share a New Year’s greeting too. Here’s to a brighter, better future for everyone! Happy New Year!

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Omri Almagor lent his skills to companies such as Kees Van Der WestenDecent EspressoFaema, Terra Kaffe and others. He founded Del Creatives as an outlet for innovative people from the coffee world to join resources and produce fantastic coffee works – covering mechanical and extraction engineering, product and brand design, writing, and social activity. He lives in Milan, Italy, with his partner, a fashion and art writer, and son.

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Ashley Wong is an illustrator and video editor based in Detroit, Michigan. She likes traveling, drinking coffee, and eating chocolate chip cookies.

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