Introducing the 2016 “2018 Barista Magazine Editorial Advisory Board

We’re thrilled to announce the 14 fantastic coffee people who comprise Barista Magazine’s 2016 “2018 Editorial Advisory Board

In our planning for the year ahead, Ken and I were excited and also very thoughtful about the people we hoped would agree to serve on Barista Magazine’s 2016 “2018 Editorial Advisory Board. We put together a long list of folks  who had the attributes we were looking for: They had to be tuned into the coffee industry, whether locally, nationally, or globally, or all three. They had to be strong thinkers, have great communication skills, and not be afraid to speak up about topics that were important to them. They had to be leaders in some way ”you’ll see there are a couple of members of the Barista Guild of America’s (BGA)  Executive Council, but that’s not the only kind of leadership we sought: We wanted people who drive their communities, who take action when something needs to get done, who are inclusionary and visionary, on a large scale or on a small one. Both and everything in between matter.

What are the responsibilities of these 14 people? I’ll speak with each of them on a monthly basis about the trends they’re seeing, whether in their own backyards or around the world. I’ll ask them about products they  can’t wait to get their hands on, cities that are distinguishing themselves as new and exciting on the coffee front, issues they’re intrigued by and how they would like to see them covered in Barista Magazine. I am asking for their help in making Barista Magazine as great as it can possibly be. Barista Magazine exists for the independent cafe owner and the professional barista, and it is my hope and conviction that these 14 people are exceptionally qualified to keep you and us on the cutting edge of the industry.

I’d like to note, too, that I am always open to hearing from anyone involved in specialty coffee, not just these 14 people! If anyone out there has an idea, a comment, a question ”I invite you to let me know about it! Email me anytime at all at

And now, please welcome the members of the 2015 “2016 Barista Magazine Editorial Advisory Board.

Introducing the 2016 “2018 Barista Magazine Editorial Advisory Board

Nora Burkey began working in coffee in 2007 as a barista in New York City, and started her career in international development as a volunteer in Cambodia in 2010. While obtaining a master’s degree in sustainable development at the School for International Training, she conducted her field research with coffee cooperatives in Nicaragua and Peru, evaluating a women’s empowerment initiative intended to recognize the unpaid work of women in supply chains. In 2014, she co-founded the nonprofit The Chain Collaborative, which intends to facilitate collaboration between members of the coffee industry in order to contribute to sustainable projects in the coffee lands. She has consulted for various coffee companies and nonprofits, and has written for numerous coffee magazines and blogs. She lives in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.


Introducing the 2016 “2018 Barista Magazine Editorial Advisory Board

Anna Gutierrez started in specialty coffee as a barista in 1997. In 2002, she joined Dillanos Coffee Roasters, transitioned to Gourmet Source Specialty Coffee Brokerage in 2011, and has since taken over managing the Barista 22 product line of syrups, sauces, and powders in March 2015. Having extensive experience working with distributors and large specialty-coffee chains across the U.S., she has become well-known for helping clients with product selection, marketing/branding, barista training and signature drink development. Anna has authored several articles in national coffee publications, serves on the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA)  Lectures Committee, and has presented at SCAA since 2009 and Coffee Fest since 2005. She’s a Certified Barista Competition judge, Level 1 Barista Certified, proud BGA member, emcee, and the newest World Latte Art Judge. Anna was also co-featured on the cover of Barista Magazine’s April+May 2012 anniversary issue.


Introducing the 2016 “2018 Barista Magazine Editorial Advisory Board

Hidenori Izaki  is the 2014 World Barista Champion. Prior to his win, Hidenori was the Japanese Barista Champion in 2013 and 2014. Based in Nagano, Japan, Hidenori is a global coffee consultant focused on education for coffee companies and competition baristas, as well as product development. He continues to work with the company he’s been with since he was a teenager, Maruyama Coffee, as an educator. Hidenori trained the current World Barista Champion, Sasa Sestic of Australia, and is in the process of working with several outstanding baristas looking forward to this year’s competition  cycle.


Introducing the 2016 “2018 Barista Magazine Editorial Advisory BoardHeather Kelley has worked in the specialty-coffee industry since 1999 in nearly every facet,  from opening a family coffee business to  working as a barista, and in  wholesale sales, distribution, consulting, menu development, product launching, logistics, and business development. Heather has worked with coffee roasters, cafes, and baristas all over the United States  in all scales of operations, from single store coffee shops to nationwide franchise and chain businesses.  Heather has a masters degree in business administration and a bachelors degree in marketing from Azusa Pacific University. Among many other activities, groups, and hobbies she is also a board member of the Oregon Coffee Board, and serves as treasurer of Portland, Ore.’s  Les Dames D’Escoffier International  chapter. She currently works as senior sales manager for Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland.


Introducing the 2016 “2018 Barista Magazine Editorial Advisory BoardSam Low is a barista/trainer and an active competitor in barista competitions. Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Sam has recently moved to Melbourne, Australia, to explore the progressive coffee industry down under.  Sam is a two-time New Zealand  Latte Art Champion,  with his first win in 2013 and second in 2015, which allowed him to compete at the World Latte Art Championship in Nice, France, and Gothenburg, Sweden. In Nice, Sam was a finalist and placed sixth overall.  In Gothenburg, he ranked in the top 10. In 2015, Sam also competed in the New Zealand Barista Championships and placed second. Sam currently works for Code Black Coffee  in Melbourne.  For coffee encounters, latte art uploads, or #foodporn from Sam, follow him on Insta @_sam_low_


Introducing the 2016 “2018 Barista Magazine Editorial Advisory BoardAn accomplished barista, roaster, cupper, and trainer, Todd Mackey has worked in all facets of specialty coffee in a consuming country. Currently, he serves as training manager for Olam Specialty Coffee where he strives to support roasters in finding exceptional green coffees. Todd is an SCAA lead instructor, CQI Q Grader assistant instructor, co-founder of the Providence Coffee Society, and currently volunteers on the Barista Guild Executive Council as chair of the Certificate Committee. When not coffee-ing, Todd enjoys spending his free time with his wife Grace, and children Ayla Mae and August, gardening, cycling, throwing Frisbees, running, playing music, and listening to records.


Introducing the 2016 “2018 Barista Magazine Editorial Advisory BoardMike Marquard is the father of three, the husband of one, and business partner of five of the greatest people in the world. He started working in specialty coffee by accident when he moved back to St. Louis to marry his wife, Samantha. He competed in his first (of many) barista competition in early 2008 for Kaldi’s Coffee. After five great years at Kaldi’s, he left to help open and manage Half & Half, a breakfast and coffee powerhouse in Clayton, Missouri. In late 2013, he opened Blueprint Coffee with a handful of St. Louis coffee luminaries.



Introducing the 2016 “2018 Barista Magazine Editorial Advisory BoardNoah Namowicz is VP of sales and partner at Café Imports, an independently owned developer and importer of world-class green coffees. Noah formerly sat on the executive council of the Barista Guild of America, is a Level 1 certified barista, and an SCAA certified instructor. Noah lives in Minnesota with his wife Megan, and two kids, Bryn and Archie. When not talking about coffee, usually Noah can be found coaching at Timberwolf Crossfit in St. Paul, Minn.  



Introducing the 2016 “2018 Barista Magazine Editorial Advisory BoardLorenzo Perkins was director of education for Cuvée Coffee before starting Fleet Coffee Co. in early 2015. In addition to being the current chair of the Barista Guild of America, Lorenzo won the 2010 and 2012 South Central Regional Barista Competitions, and the 2011 and 2014 South Central Regional Brewers Cups. In between organizing the monthly Austin TNT, he drinks beer, whiskey, and Campari while helping to grow the specialty-coffee scene in Texas. Lorenzo and his wife, Jennifer, are the proud parents of a beautiful 6-year-old daughter, Ryn. Sometimes he makes coffee, and sometimes people like it.  


Introducing the 2016 “2018 Barista Magazine Editorial Advisory BoardSarah Richmond  is a recent transplant to the Asheville, N.C. area from Berkeley, Calif., where she brings over 10 years of experience in the coffee industry. Wearing many hats over the years as a barista, trainer, coffee roaster, manager, and lover of all things coffee, she is most passionate about the growing coffee community in Asheville and its neighboring states. When she is not turning coffee brown, Sarah can usually be found hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her fiancée and their one-year-old pup, Mack. Sarah and her family live in a cabin in the woods located in Black Mountain, N.C., and are enjoying the fullness good mountain living can bring. Sarah currently works at Mountain Air Roasting.


Introducing the 2016 “2018 Barista Magazine Editorial Advisory Board

Craig Simon is a two-time Australian Barista Champion and runs his own consulting business, Think Tank Coffee, where he teaches and works collaboratively with renowned coffee producer Ninety Plus. He also works for Veneziano Coffee Roasters as a barista and roasting trainer and with their direct relationship farmers to source green coffee.  Craig has spent the last six years working collaboratively with two farmers in particular, Emilio Lopez of El Manzano and Joseph Brodsky of Ninety Plus Gesha Estates, to expand the boundaries of coffee processing.  He’s always pushing himself into the uncomfortable realm of experimentation, trusting his instincts, accepting failure, and embracing success, as he feels this is what makes coffees exceptional. Craig is constantly asking “what’s next? 


Introducing the 2016 “2018 Barista Magazine Editorial Advisory BoardJess Steffy is the owner of Square One Coffee, a coffee roaster headquartered in Lancaster, Pa., with retail locations in Lancaster and Philadelphia. She also serves as the chair of the U.S. Competitions Committee, is a USBC Head Judge, a WBC Sensory Judge, and she’s a licensed Q Grader. She enjoys writing, traveling, teaching, eating and drinking #allthethings, belting out Today’s Hits using her best Cher impersonation, and spending time with her family (husband + two sons + two pugs).


Teresa correct photoTeresa von Fuchs
started in coffee as a barista more than half her life ago, and since 2008, she has been nose deep in specialty coffee: working with the SCAA and the BGA on curriculum development and their growing certification program, as well as judging barista competitions. As director of wholesale for Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, she developed a relationship-based wholesale model that includes every aspect of creating and maintaining a sustainable program. She’s confident there’s always something new for her to learn and share.    


Introducing the 2016 “2018 Barista Magazine Editorial Advisory BoardLaila Willbur is the director of coffee for Cherry Street Coffee House, her family owned business in Seattle, Wash., with 10 locations and counting. She is the in-coming chair of the Barista Guild of America, and the 2014 United States Barista Champion.


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