Iced Coffee Month in New York? Coffee Art in Oslo?

In today’s coffee news…. Jeremy from New York City’s Birch Coffee writes to tell us that, even though there are such decalred national commemorations as Turkey Lover’s Month, Soul Food Month, and even National Catfish Month, he’s not finding any mention of an Iced Coffee Month. And in blistering New York City summertime, he says, there certainly ought to be one.

So he’s just gone and declared it himself. He says Birch Coffee’s cold brew is worthy of distinction, and I’m gonna have to get out to New York to see if he’s right. Or maybe you should head over and let me know what you think! Birch Coffee is located at 5 E. 27th St, or check out the website at

And as if I wasn’t excited enough about going to Oslo, Norway, this September for the wonderful Nordic Barista Cup event, artist Lars K. Huse writes to tell me that his illustrations of coffee will be displayed in an art show coming up at one of the Stockfleths cafes in the fair city of Oslo, with a party on June 11. Wish I could be there!

The illustrations are an exploration of coffee as a social link in the Norwegian society. “Through a series of works, I’ve illustrated situations where people gather round for a cuppa joe,” Lars says. “Even though the concept of a cup of coffee is widely recognized, there have been some changes lately. From drinking substitutional coffee during the war to an increasing focus on quality like we are seeing today.”

So if you happen to be in Oslo, go check out the work!

Stockfleths Corner

Prinsensgate 6

Afterparty at Fuglen, Universitetsgata 2

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